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Boondogle Films acquires film rights to Borderlines

Boondogle Films is very pleased to announce that it has acquired the film rights to acclaimed writer Michela Wrong’s first novel, Borderlines, a legal thriller revolving around a border dispute between two fictional countries in the Horn of Africa.

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BIOSKOOP: Tess – ‘n Kolskoot

by Anna-Marie Jansen van Vuuren – BIOSKOOP

Die eerste skoot in die fliek Tess is van die see. Dan trek die kamera terug en wys vir ons die kus van Muizenberg, terwyl ons hoor hoe die karakter Tess vir haar ma ’n storie vertel. ’n Seemeeu vlieg oor die skerm, terwyl ons ’n voorsmaak van Tess […]

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CITY PRESS REVIEW: The ghost of Tess’ past

Johannesburg – Afrikaans-language film Tess is the story of a sex worker in the Cape named Tess (Christia Visser) who has her life turned upside down when a condom breaks and she falls pregnant. Besides the burden of her haunting childhood and addiction to painkillers, which she […]

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MAIL & GUARDIAN: Time for the pussy to grab back

by Meg Rickards


Yes, the unthinkable happened and the man who is the United States president thinks it’s cool to grab you by the pussy.

It is not nice when one’s genitals are given an unsolicited squeeze. It happened to me on a train when I was barely in my teens and a few other times […]

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