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Project Description

A unique inside track on life in Africa’s fast changing cities.

Project Summary

PROJECT TITLE: Afropolitans

FORMAT: 6 x 48 minute Documentary Series

LOGLINE: A unique inside track on life in Africa’s fast changing cities.

GENRE: Documentary


SHOOT DATE: 2018/19


DIRECTORS: Meg Rickards & Bert Haitsma, plus various

DOP: Bert Haitsma

PRODUCERS: Paul Egan & Kim Williams

STRUCTURE: South African production / treaty co-production

STATUS: Development


‘The biggest change of our time? Africa’s increase from 1 to 4 billion people.’ – Prof. Hans Rosling

With African cities growing at breakneck speed, they are home to both dreams and nightmares. On the one hand, these metros represent the continent’s hopes for revival; on the other, life for many inhabitants is a daily battle for survival. In this unique new character-driven series we spend time with a small cross-section of Afropolitans in each of six cities: Kigali (Rwanda), Luanda (Angola), Asmara (Eritrea), Douala (Cameroon), Johannesburg (South Africa) and Khartoum (Sudan).  In each we become intimately acquainted with what it is like to live and work as an Afropolitan: whether one is a member of the elite benefitting from the so-called African renaissance; or in the ‘middle’, hustling to make a living; or in the slums – struggling simply to eat.  How do these different universes co-exist or collide in one cityscape?

Afropolitans connects the continent’s challenges to the daily lives of real people: from climate change and water scarcity to technological development and livelihoods. How does the palpable tension between culture and modernity play out in people’s lives? What is the human price of development? How are urbanites responding to the continent’s seismic shifts?