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Project Description

A hapless streaker, seeking to win the heart of a straight-laced single mother, must find a way to bare his soul rather than his buttocks.

Project Summary


FORMAT: Feature Film

LOGLINE: A hapless streaker, seeking to win the heart of a straight-laced single mother, must find a way to bare his soul rather than his buttocks.

GENRE: Romantic Comedy

LANGUAGE: Afrikaans

WRITERS: Meg Rickards & Paul Egan

DIRECTOR: Meg Rickards

PRODUCERS: Paul Egan & Mustapha Hendricks



The closing moments of the Currie Cup final. The score is dead even. The hunky-yet-goofy TREVOR dashes onto the field in his birthday suit and intercepts the final pass, effectively deciding the game’s outcome. Trevor’s streak makes headlines and skyrockets him to being the most famous streaker in the country. But Trevor wants more from his dreary life and decides to go even bigger.   With the help of his best friend and streaking wingman, ADAM, they pull off a spectacular stunt at a major golfing tournament to solidify Trevor’s reputation. But O gonna Madonna! During his mad dash from security, Trevor gets stuck, kaalgat, on a fence and is wheeled into an ambulance. There he meets an alluring paramedic, RITA, a straight-laced single mom. He is smitten with her and desperately wants to ask her out. But she doesn’t have much time for a clown like Trevor, that is until he puts on a hilarious slapstick performance for the children’s ward. Rita’s heart melts sufficiently for her to agree to a milkshake with Trevor. They hit it off instantly, and Rita agrees to see Trevor again on one condition: that he gives up streaking, which Rita worries might cause her young daughter embarrassment. Smitten, Trevor agrees.

Trevor quickly falls head over heels for Rita. Rita’s daughter adores having Trevor around, but Rita, who has suffered past betrayal, is more guarded. Meanwhile, a new streaker on the block, VUYO, is making waves in the media. Adam warns Trevor that his reputation might be eclipsed, but Trevor is too swept up by the fledgling romance to care.   Rita is revelling in the chance to go on carefree, adventurous dates; while her daughter loves Trevor’s crazy antics. But as time passes Trevor grows restless. Hunkering after his streaking days, Trevor becomes obsessed with Vuyo’s rising stardom. Rita wants something more serious but is constantly frustrated by Trevor’s puerile antics. Tensions reach boiling point and after a huge showdown, Rita declares that she needs some space and heads off to her parents’ farm. Trevor vows that he will wait for her.   However, with Rita out of the picture, and Vuyo soaring ahead in the streaking stakes, Trevor slips back into the game. To avoid antagonising Rita further, he plans a series of streaks incognito. The masked streaker is a big hit and his following grows steadily. Rita returns, unaware of Trevor’s renewed shenanigans, and they rekindle their romance. Determined to upstage Vuyo, Trevor plans a streak on Vuyo’s turf: the Premier Soccer League. On the pitch, he runs into the butt-naked Vuyo, who happens to be streaking at the same time. A scuffle breaks out, in which Trevor’s face is exposed. While in jail together, Trevor learns that Vuyo is not streaking for fame but rather as a way to support his family: he sells advertising space on his body! Rita bails Trevor out of jail, but, heartbroken by his lies, says she never wants to see him again.

Trevor’s stunt not only alienates Rita but he is also fired from his job. At an all-time low, he suffers a blubbering meltdown before reaching an epiphany: he will fight for Rita.   But Rita has more serious concerns. Trevor discovers that her daughter is in hospital with a rare condition that only an expensive experimental treatment could hope to cure. Rita is running a crowdfunding campaign. Determined to prove himself to his lost love, Trevor tracks down Vuyo and begs him to help him score a branded streak that will net them a hefty sum. They capture the whole country’s attention with an epic streak at the State of the Nation address and manage to bolt during the ensuing madness. Trevor anonymously donates the money to Rita’s fundraiser, enabling her to reach the crowd-funding target, just in time for the doctors to perform the operation. With her daughter on the road to recovery, Rita investigates the mystery donation. Trevor receives a cryptic invitation to attend a rugby match and during half-time, Rita, in a farcical costume, streaks across the field and declares her love for Trevor. They are reunited in a tear-jerking finale. Months later, Trevor and Rita are expecting a baby and have joined forces with Adam and Vuyo to start a company that stages publicity stunts to maximise brand awareness: Exposé!