Zinzi and the Boondogle


What happens when it is time to pay the Boondogle?  Zinzi and her younger brothers find out when the magical creature enslaves their little sister, and they risk everything on a fantastical quest across Cape Town to rescue her from his clutches. Project Summary PROJECT TITLE: Zinzi and the [...]

Tipping Point


Our new film draws into sharp focus the sheer horror of rhino poaching and its threat to the species. Tipping Point is in the line of socially conscious films such as Syriana (2005, dir. Stephen Gaghan), Blood Diamond (2006, dir. Edward Zwick) and The Big Short (2015, dir. Adam McKay), all of which successfully married [...]



A feature film adaptation of the best-selling novel by Michela Wrong. About the Author MICHELA WRONG has worked as a foreign correspondent covering events across the African continent for Reuters, the BBC and the Financial Times. She writes regularly for Foreign Policy magazine and the Spectator. She is the author of [...]